La Couturelle is the very tender name of my blog with a beautiful français pronunciation. It combines two pleasant to ear french words: "couture" and "elle", which mean a girl and fashion (The mix of two inseparable concepts).
La Couturelle launched in 2015 and focuses on high quality content which is dedicated to fashion & lifestyle around beauty and art.
My name is Olie Dujardin and I was born in an ordinary family, but fashion and art have always been a part of us because my mom is a designer and couturière. It was absolutely natural to hear such a great names of fashion industry like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Gabrielle Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Elsa Schiaparelli, Charles Worth, Gianni Versace, Edith Head, Giorgio Armani etc. when I was just a child.
Fashion has always been the high art of talented people and great craftsmen for me. 

Now I am a young girl and I have my own attitude to fashion, that's why I've decided that it is the right time to create my own space to write personal stories and share them with people who have the same passions that I do. We spend a massive amount of time in fabric stores to choose a tissue in order to sew another pretty dress for another special occasion. Thanks to my parents, I learned to appreciate and respect the quality, because every detail of sewed clothing is absolutely flawless.
Currently, I study at one of the best theatrical universities comprehending drama, elements of ballet, etiquette, stage movement, literature and acting. I keep on going and I'm not going to stop. I am opened to research this beautiful world and I like to find out new brands and designer tricks, new products, places to visit or pieces of art, to meet beautiful people and share bright emotions. It's all about making my readers and my friends travel with me and discover new impressions and get inspired.