I woke up early this summer morning, said hello to the Sun, brewed Marie-Antoinette tea, lit the aroma candles with vanilla, and started to write my first article for La Couturelle. And I'm so excited! I have a great opportunity to share my passions, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and creative energy with the whole world and I am really thankful for that! La Couturelle is my world of creation and expression, inspiration and aspirations, ambitions, feelings, beauty, fashion and art. 

Fashion and Art are important things in my life. Fashion, because I was born and grew up in the incredible atmosphere of style and beauty since my Mum is a couturier and the author of many of my outfits. Art, because I am an actress. I chose my future profession when I was just a child and now I am a student of one of the best drama universities. The great thing about fashion is that it is all about your own vision, creativity and originality. It can change your appearance as well as it can change and transform you from the inside. It helps to create the scenic image and to feel more attractive in real life. So I believe fashion and art are two inseparable concepts.


I like to feel feminine, elegant and sophisticated and fashion is one of my loyal assistants in this case. This suit is definitely one of my favorite outfits ever, it is a very classic, timeless yet chic look. Classic always works perfect and it really can be not boring, but fresh and stylish! It is super interesting to play with colors, textures, shapes etc. and invent something extraordinary. The cut of this costume is quite simple, but the combination of the white color of pants with red lining and sequins of the white jacket makes this look absolutely luxury and gorgeous. I can confidently tell that it is the real couture craftsmanship! Because the fabric of this jacket is quite complicated in handling, many details had to be done manually. It is a very painstaking work, and I always admire such talented people, who work on creating clothes, for their patience and diligence to create beautiful works of art!


As I mentioned I'm obsessed with elegance and this look is surely all about it. Every detail emphasizes femininity, colors shout about confidence and this awesome bag and shoes add the real chic. I would tell this look is full of charm and it matches so perfectly with the elegance of Paris. The ambiance of this city is in my heart, no matter where I am. It's incredible that fashion can give such gorgeous feelings!