She is iconic. She is audacious. She is aspiring. Passionate. Sophisticated. Modern. She IS because she is timeless. She is Gabrielle Chanel. Her rebellious heart inspires and revolutionary vision of things incredibly impresses. Her unique personality, strength and confidence, her style and daintiness, wisdom and aesthetics fascinate me! Mademoiselle Chanel has always been my greatest inspiration and I have had an admiration for Gabrielle since I discovered a story of her journey from a young girl to an acclaimed couturière Coco Chanel. The story of the little country girl from Auvergne who made a revolution in the fashion industry, launched the new era of couture proclaiming liberty and independence and became the legend of Paris. She conquered the world of fashion through passion, work, perseverance and courage. She is the embodiment of women's power and allure. Her name is a synonym of elegance and perfection, her name is a symbol of French sumptuousness, her name is Gabrielle.

To choose, to want and to be are three of Gabrielle Chanel's verb. She found endless combinations to achieve her unique style: a conqueror who transformed her rebellion into an art. Choose your own destiny even if you have to reinvent your path, blend true with false, and do not let fate control the outcome. Leave the past behind, and let instinct be your guide. Desire the unthinkable: independence. Dare, invent, create, and, just as young Gabrielle did, let passion inspire you. Work to discover freedom. Be authentic, sincere and natural. Choose simplicity over excess, comfort over appearance and intuition over principles. Change what you find displeasing, and anticipate timeless trends. Desire that women have the freedom to walk, run, move, cross their arms and legs, bask in the sun and cut their hair: to live, just as Gabrielle did, equal with men. "Be what will happen next." Choose to defy conventions, ignore formalities, and embrace a progressive spirit. Desire to look like nobody else. Be an allure, a way of living, a style: Gabrielle. Choose audacity. Desire beauty. Be yourself, in the image of Gabrielle, the relentless, invincible and eternal rebel.

Inside CHANEL - Gabrielle, A Rebel at Heart

The philosophy of Gabrielle motivates, excites the mind and expressed in every creation of Fashion House Chanel. The legendary Chanel N°5 was created almost a hundred years ago and it is the most iconic women's fragrance up to now. It seems the spirit of Coco herself is in this treasured little bottle. But for myself as a young girl, I choose the new rethought version of this perfume Chanel N°5 L'eau. Charming, airy and subtle. The incredible sounding of rose flower, ylang-ylang and citruses in combination with aldehydes makes the composition fresh and unexceptional. It is deceptive. At first, it is chill and fresh but then warms you up. On my wrist, I clearly hear creamy jasmine notes in unison with white musk and the romance of delicate powder. The sound of ghostly beauty and purity. I love to breathe it in the frosty, cool air. For day and evening. A few drops before a sleep barely touching the skin. Feminine and refined, crystal and clean, noble and confident, it is all about my Chanel N°5 L'eau.