Hi guys! Let's talk about beauty?... I feel so inspired to share with you some of my skincare tricks. 

To start with I have to say that my skincare has always been changing because my skin is constantly changing as well on account of climatic conditions, environment and makeup. I've never been using just one product or a brand. I like to find out something new and I always combine high-end beauty products with natural and organic ones. I love to pamper my skin with coconut oil, Indian natural herbs, rose water, for example.

The thing I appreciate the most is the feeling of freshness and hydration. I need to feel good in my own skin and I prefer to say no to double layers of powder and foundation in my daily life, but I am an actress... Makeup is the part of my profession and I should think about giving more attention to the health of my skin. 

Investing in a good skin care is the best I can do! I searched something that could help me to feel absolute purity and deep moisturising in every cell of my face! During my researches, I discovered what I was looking for - CLINIQUE skincare beauty products: Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. The facial cleansing brush I use every day with creamy Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap specially created for this little gadget and I have to say it works brilliantly! After washing my face I feel like my skin is gently exfoliated and looks super soft. I tend to have dry skin, but this soap deeply cleans my face without drying it out. It has very delicate texture and carefully removes makeup, dirt, excess oil and I must admit after using the brush my creams and masks are better absorbed into the skin and make it much more moisture and healthier. The brush is waterproof that allows use it in the shower and I charge it only once a month or even less often. Now, needless to say, I am obsessed with the new way of purification with these two skincare products.

The next step of my skincare routine is using of tonic. Special for it I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 from 3-Step System.  And I am absolutely in love with it! This product is perfect to be used daily for my skin. It works delicately and leaves my face feeling fresh. I apply it twice a day after washing my face in the morning and evening. I feel like it wakes me up in the mornings because it feels a bit cold and refreshing on my face. It really evens out my skin tone, deeply cleanses pores thereby preventing an emergence of imperfections.

Another brilliant beauty product is Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask. I use it just once for two weeks all over my face and once for a week on my T-zone, it's really enough for me. It helps a lot to deeply unclog pores and as a result, I have matt, soft and smooth skin. I highly recommend this mask for those who want to improve skin condition and get rid of acne or extremely oily skin. You will see the difference! 

And finally, magic in a little pot - Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief! My favourite part of skincare routine is moisturising! My skin adores this cream-gel and all the time says huge thanks! And I send huge thanks to CLINIQUE for this beauty product which gifts me incredible feelings of hydration and freshness. Creme is so light and not oily, works perfectly under my makeup and for my type of skin. This is by far my favourite moisturiser of all times.


These are some of my precious discoveries and I hope my article will help and inspire you! Listen to your skin's real needs and don't forget to pamper yourself, but always remember, the best beauty product is your charming smile!