We all have dreams and I've always been a big dreamer! When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a princess and acquiring superpowers, about eating chocolate every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I had been imagining how it would be great! I dreamed about a big own room-kingdom, about a dog... Later, I've been dreaming of living in the beautiful city, about studying at the best film & theatre university and becoming a good actress, about seeing ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre, about pure love, about big family, about a dog again, about my own digital space where I could share my thoughts and dreams, my ideas and passions with the world and meet people who have the same interests that I do! Our life is such incredible and full of surprises, and one of the most amazing things on Earth is that our dreams come true. Actually, there is nothing more enchanting, more sweet, more inspirational and marvelous, than being in the center of our daydreams!

I have to admit, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this article with you! As I already mentioned, to create my own digital space where I can communicate and share my thoughts and stories with the whole world was one of my dreams. La Couturelle was born thanks to my dream and my ideas. I wanted my blog could become precious digital space full of beauty, inspiration, positive emotions, shine, timeless and iconic images. I wished to make La Couturelle your dreamy escape. Days and nights, I thought about the name, about the concept and what I would like to tell you about. The first version of my blog looked more modest, but in order to create something unique, I began to study html and css. My first version of La Couturelle was launched in April 2015 and after just a month of its existence, I was invited to a photoshoot in Paris. It sounds so unreal. But I have to say, I worked like a mad person to create the most beautiful content and I did it with incredible passion and love! That was my the most magical experience at that moment of my life. The photoshoot took place on the Trocadéro and I really felt like a princess: French chic, La Tour Eiffel, raspberry macarons, an incredible air of Paris and thousands of views of passersby. It was sump-tuous-ly! At that time, I was already a student of one of the five best theatre universities in Moscow, Russia.

And my next story is about how my most cherished dream came true.

The most cherished dream of my youthful life was studying at the prestigious theatre University. Dreaming about it was absolutely crazy! Everybody knows how difficult it is to enrol in the theatre and cinema university, how many people try to do it every year and what a small chance we have. But I said myself: I HAVE TO TRY, otherwise, I will regret! I was sure that I had to try to make my dream come true, and I was sure I had to work a lot to achieve my goal. I was preparing for the year to enter the theatre university of my dream in Moscow - the oldest theatre University in Russia where Konstantin Stanislavsky himself studied. For a whole year, I read so many books of classical Russian literature, prepared for language and literature state exam as well as numerous creative entrance examinations like dancing, singing, acting, etc. That was the most enchanting time! I lived in anticipation of something new, something amazing and I believed in my dream! And you know what? I DID IT! I have been studying at one of the best Russian Theatre University for four years. In nine months I will receive a diploma of an actor of drama theatre and cinema. To be honest, I had to learn a lot in the walls of my University. Acting is first and foremost a craft and I have to constantly looking to improve upon my craft. Now, I comprehend drama, ballet, acting, fencing, stage movement, history of theatre and cinema, literature and arts. The most important things I gained is the invaluable experience, precious teachers and craftsmen, unique knowledge and my dear friends! By the way, my University is five minutes walk from The Bolshoi, where I have already seen more than ten Russian ballets. 

This story is about a girl who had always been dreaming and keeps on dreaming. This story is about Mademoiselle Guerlain! One day, when I flipped through ELLE magazine, I saw a picture of the new fragrance by Guerlain and I just fell in love with that absolutely charming pink bottle and the description: The charm of a mischievous young Parisienne. At first, I didn't even fall in love with the scent, I fell in love with this legendary bee bottle. I couldn't help myself. I have always been a big fan of Guerlain's beauty products and fragrances, and I was sure Mademoiselle Guerlain is the new perfume masterpiece! I wished to get this cherished fragrance in the iconic Bee bottle! It was my little girlish dream and girls will understand me. I cut out a little picture of this perfume and attached to my wish board.

A few months later, I got the treasured little golden box... there was sweetly pretty, insanely beautiful, luxurious Bee bottle decorated with a pink ribbon. As soon as I opened the box, I felt a delicate, sweet, chic and cheerful scent. That was Mademoiselle Guerlain Eau De Perfume - a gift from my Mom! She always knew what I want and made a little present of my dream. I put droplets of perfume on my neck, hair, and wrists and instantly felt like the real charming, playful and cheerful Mademoiselle, Mademoiselle Guerlain! The scent plunged me into fantasy, I found myself in a moment on the streets of beloved and sunny Paris and everything around was joyful and magical, my heart was full of love and joy. I experience these feelings every time I wear this perfume because it smells like being in love. It brings me so much happiness like if I would dive into a pool of marshmallows! But who would have thought marshmallow could be so chic and elegant without being too girly and sugary! I am about the notes of the fragrance. The most delicate powdery iris, playful citrus accords, charming vanilla and marshmallow of Marie Antoinette in the exclusive graceful Bee bottle - pure delight! 


Mademoiselle Guerlain is a girl who lives her dreams! She is confident in her beauty and she creates a beauty all around, she believes in her dreams and makes them come true, she loves life and enjoys it to the fullest! She is elegant yet playful, airy yet sophisticated, flirty yet so clean. She is perfect!