The 60ies is a truly bright period in the history of fashion! It would be nice to have a time machine and plunge into the world of swinging London. I am sure it would be the most insane adventure! The Swinging London Sixties was a time when music, culture and fashion changed swiftly! Fashion served as a symbol of youth culture and proved to be an important factor in shaping this iconic time. Increased economic power fuelled a new sense of identity and the need to express it. A post-war generation had enough money and could afford to buy clothes, makeup and records. The fashion industry quickly responded by creating designs for young people that no longer copied 'grown up' styles. Dresses were becoming shorter and shorter until they were covering legs only 10 centimeters. The 60ies is a truly revolutionary and rebellious fashion time which still provide designers of today with endless inspiration.

Today I am channelling my inner Twiggy, the main fashion icon of the sixties! She had a revolutionary way of seeing the fashion and did her own things without caring what the others thought. She became the face of the decade and one of the greatest muses of all time. Instantly recognisable, she wore the shortest baby doll dresses ever, drew long eyelashes and had the iconic haircut - the pixie! So, what about me, I am a rebel at heart and get involved with things I feel passionate about! I dare, I create, I embody my ideas! I don't afraid of changes and extraordinary transformations! But I always choose elegance, feminity, grace, eternal and individuality! I allow myself to create something new, to change things that I don't like, to wish the inconceivable and even to wear an ultra short haircut! I am an actress and I got to play many roles, but I do remain natural and genuine, I do remain myself. 


Twiggy is the first person I think about when I imagine the sixties. That's why I chose the role of this diva and her iconic timeless look. I must admit it was a very interesting experience. In any case, I never drew doll looking eyelashes that made my eyes so expressive! To be honest, I liked it! I truly felt like I a girl of the 60ies!

Hope you'll love the images and let me know your thoughts! Enjoy!